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Dumptruck Rental Staten Island NY

Need a dump truck rental for your upcoming building project on Staten Island? Faztec Industries has a great fleet of dump trucks available for you to rent and start making your project easier today. For the past few years, Faztec has assisted many businesses and residential projects manage their waste and make transporting materials much easier.

Renting our dump trucks will save you time and money with a seamless experience and a staff willing to help you through, should a problem arise. We also can provide containers and recyclable materials for your upcoming project.

To learn more about Faztec and our many waste management services, call 718-494-1600 today.


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Faztec Industries
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As part of our mission statement to best serve Staten Island, we offer dump truck rentals alongside our comprehensive services. Whether you're looking to rent for a short-term project or long-term haul, we happy to offer a solution to the transportation of your materials or waste.

Renting a dump truck allows you to supplement your current fleet without the added expenditure of purchasing a new vehicle. Our trucks are timely serviced and are available when you need them.

Our staff has the industry, equipment and technical knowledge to ensure your experience is nothing short of excellent. We offer cost-effective solutions that are both convenient and flexible to guarantee your next project goes off without a hitch.

We strive to meet all our your waste management needs; we'd love to be a single company where all your disposal and waste removement requirements are met. Your satisfaction is our top priority and thus we offer varying rental times customized to your schedule.

With a growing clientele, Faztec Industries has continued to branch out, offering state of the art dumpster rental services, including: roll-off containers, dumpsters, dump truck rental, container service and more each day.

Please contact us today by phone or email to learn more about how we can surpass your waste management expectations.

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Faztec Industries
200 Bloomfield Ave, Staten Island,
NY10314United States

+1 718-494-1600

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