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Looking for a quality container service on Staten Island? Faztec Industries can provide them for you and more! At Faztec, we place our consumers waste management needs at a high priority to make your life easier and your project run smoothly.

We provide new and used containers from 10 to 30 yards for Staten Island businesses, contractors, and residents to use for different projects both big and small. We also have different services for recycling used materials, providing dump truck rentals, and more to help ease your mind from waste management.

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Faztec Industries
200 Bloomfield Ave, Staten Island,
NY 10314 United States
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We specialize in supplying new and used containers sized 10, 15, 20, or 30 yards long to Staten Island residents, contractors and businesses. We offer a plethora of sizes for projects both big and small, as well as recurring waste or single time uses.

We offer both rental services of containers and trucks so no matter your next project, we've got you covered. Keep your commercial or residential space clean with Faztec Industries, the most reliable waste management company in Staten Island.

We offer drop off and pick up services, flexible around your schedule and needs. Our employees are the technical and safety knowledge to ensure your safety as well as the physical integrity of your workspace.

Our adaptable hours mean we work around your schedule. If you need several pick ups during the rental process, that's not a problem. Simply speak with our staff to confirm dates and we'll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions about size, weight restrictions or special requests, please call or email us to speak with a representative directly. All our employees are thoroughly trained to better serve you and Staten Island.

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Faztec Industries
200 Bloomfield Ave, Staten Island,
NY10314United States

+1 718-494-1600

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